Smoking Blends Reviews
Smoking Blends Reviews
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Honest, to the point, reviews of Smoking Blends.
All Natural / 100% Natural Smoking Blends Ratings are on this page.  All Smoking blends will be rated on their performance in strength, time, pleasure, harshness, price, and looks. Rated items will be listed from best to worst. 5 star ratings: with 5 star being the best.  We will list best at top, worst at bottom, and make changes to this as we find a better products.
Funky Green Smoking Blend:  Best   5 stars

reviewed:  3/15/2013
     One of the newest smoking blends on the market. 
Smooth, Smells great, tastes great.  Full presence by the time you finish the bowl, We were able to pick this one up directly from a distributer at a trade show.                Distributer was boosting that this smoking blend was the best on the market, he wasn't kidding.  
     Herbs look great, easy to pack into a bowl, burns easily, has a natural sweet feel and taste.  The presence of the product is almost immediate and goes up to a very comfortable euphoric and body feel that lasts 45 minutes before it starts to taper off.  Full effects around 1 hour.  
     We can't say enough good things about this product.  There was never a point where we felt uncomfortable with this product, bowl consisted of a little over 1/3 gram.  
     This product came with a lab report stating: "no synthetic cannabinoids or stimulants are present" by AIBiotech.   We called and verified this lab report is real.      We sent a sample to independently test for no synthetics and got same results. 
Remarkable Herbs Time Out:      Previous Best  4 stars

reviewed:   1/18/2013
     Before Funky Green Smoking Blend, this was our favorite all natural smoking blend.  Smooth, smells and taste great. Burns well, and looks good, has a little brownish powder to it which we can only assume is extract powder.  The smoking blend it self takes a bit to kick in, about 5-6 minutes before it peaks. it is a bit strong upfront but tapers off quickly to a midrange euphoric feel and lasts for 25-30 minutes before it tapers off completely.  Start to finish this product lasts 40 minutes.  Great product  overall most of us preferred the Funky Green, but a couple of guys preferred the Time Out over Funky Green.
     This product came with a lab report stating "no synthetic cannabinoids or stimulants are present" by AIBiotech.  We called and verified this lab report is real.  We sent a sample to independently test for no synthetics and got same results.
Green Grass Herbal Smoke Blend:        Ok     2 stars

reviewed:    1/20/2013
     Green Grass tasted good, smelled pretty plain.  It burned fine and looked good.  It was pretty under whelming in affect, but it was nice as a smoking blend just to sit and relax, not much or non at all as far as euphoric affects. We can say with certainty it was relaxing.  No lab report came with this product to verify being an all natural, but nothing in the affects makes us question this.

Zero Chem 100% Natural:           Ok    2 stars

reviewed:      1/23/2013
     Zero Chem tasts sweet and smells sweet as well.  It burns fine, a little heavy, thick plant matter.  The affect was mild and all body relaxing, not euphoric.  The affect was nice and mild.   Affect lasted for 20 minutes.  We must note that poppy seed extract the main ingredient are opioids and we are not sure how this affect any drug tests on someone who smokes this.  No lab report came with this product to verify being an all natural smoking blend.  We did have friends who tested the product who said they got results stating it did not have any known synthetic cannabinoids.  
Raw Earth Herbal Smoke blend:   ok     2 stars

reviewed:  2/02/2013
     Raw Earth herbal smoke blend smells good, was a bit harsh, tasted earthy king of woody.  We think it is the taste usually associated with heavy extracts added.   As far as affect goes, not much there other then body relaxation. No euphoric affects. Relaxing feeling lasted about 20 minutes overall.  No lab report was available with this product.  We must bring to light the fact that a little research on the internet brings up a story of a store owner getting in trouble over this product for containing jwh-081. Not sure of how true this is, but buyer beware.