Smoking Blends Reviews
Smoking Blends Reviews
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Honest, to the point, reviews of Smoking Blends.
Nature has much to offer, The Shamans, Egyptians, and Native Indians have known this for a long time.  

The Egyptians have used Blue Lotus for its sedative properties when performing medical and dental procedures. 

The Native Indians, and Shamans have used herbs for spiritual guidance for hundreds of years.

All Natural Smoking  Blends is what we are reviewing.  We quickly find out not all natural smoking blend are created equally.  

The bans are upon us.  With so many Synthetic cannabinoid bans out there, on a state and federal level.  Smoking blends are hitting the market and new ones seem to pop up weekly.  There is also a fast approaching Federal Ban coming up in September of 2013.  This ban is going to ban all, Yes this time it is really all, synthetic cannabinoids.  
Our Review System: is for All Natural smoking blends, also know as 100% Natural Smoking Blends.  Tobacco free smoking blends that contain Legal everywhere herbs, spices, extracts, essential oils, and flavorings.  We will not review Herbal incense, herbal potpourri, Spice, or any products that say not for Human Consumption.  We will not review and products that contain any synthetic Cannabinoids, or any research chemicals.  If we can get lab reports for the products we review we will post them.  We will note in the review if product did come withe a lab report, we will also attempt to verify any and all lab reports; we will note this as well.  We are not asking any manufacturer of Smoking blend send us a sample, as in the sake of keeping things as legit as possible we will either order online or buy from a local Head Shop.  If you are a manufacturer and want us to review your product, feel free to send us an email letting us know where to purchase your product. BEWARE if we find out your product is not all natural we will post this information to the public to let buyer beware.  

Our Goal: We feel enough good people have gotten hurt, died or gone to jail over herbal incense and we would like to find good All natural Smoking Blends.

News:  We will post any relevant posts we find and news articles we find.

Laws:  We will try to make public what bans are out there for synthetic cannabinoids to keep store owners and consumers as well informed as possible.