Smoking Blends Reviews
Smoking Blends Reviews
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Honest, to the point, reviews of Smoking Blends.
Smoking Blends vs Herbal incense or Spice.

Smoking Blends are all natural and do not contain any chemicals, synthetic cannabinoids, stimulants, opiods, tryptamines. etc.  The idea behind All Natural or 100% Natural smoking blends is to get from nature what we seek without adulterating the blends with synthetic chemicals.

Why NOT Herbal Incense or Spice?  With all the synthetic cannabinoid and stimulant bans out there it is very confusing and very risky for store owners and consumers alike to buy and sell "Herbal Incense, Spice, or Potpourri".  Many states like Illinois and Indiana have already passed or are working on "look alike" bans.  "Look alike" means any synthetic chemical that is structurally similar (looks alike) to a synthetic chemical that is already banned or illegal.  While most attorneys that have looked at these bans agree that these bans are very vague and therefore not easily winnable, or enforceable by the states, most agree it is a major expanse and hassle for anyone caught with any "look alike" compounds.   Many other states like Colorado, Oregon, New Mexico, Texas (pending), have pretty complete bans on all synthetic cannabinoids.  On a federal level, a federal ban is also pending for as early as September for an all encompassing  ban on synthetic cannabinoids.  States like Georgia, Oklahoma, Virginia. North Dakota, Ohio, New Jersey, Michigan, and Minnesota, have banned almost all synthetic cannabinoids.  Store owners and consumers are not chemist, and to expect them to understand what is banned in their state, or to understand analogs of chemicals, chemical structures, chemical families, etc., or even worse to expect them to know what chemical is in the Herbal Incense they sell is ludicrous.  That being said, the law doesn't really care if you understand the law, chemistry, or not, store owners and consumers face up to as many as 20 years in jail.

This makes All Natural smoking Blends the clear choice.  No risk of going to jail. No skirting around the laws.  No potential for loosing business licenses. No need to consume research chemicals and not knowing what will happen to you.  We find while all smoking blends are not created equally, there are definitely some really good ones out there.  We are also sure that smoking blends will get better over time as these natural products have gotten exponentially better over the last year.